What is a Favicon?
A favicon, also known as a "favorites icon", "website icon", "page icon" or "urlicon", is an image associated with a particular website or webpage. A web designer can create such an icon, and install it on their domain to give a "uniqueness" to their website. Most of today's browsers such as Internet Explorer, FireFox, and others allow for the display of these icons.

  • Step 1

    Choose or create the image you'd like as your favorites icon. Be sure to create or choose a small enough image to retain quality. It is also advisable to use a square image, so the image is not skewed when reduced to the 16x16 icon.

  • Step 2

    Click the "Browse" button, and find the image you've chosen to use for your favorites icon. Select that image and click "OK". Your almost done!

  • Step 3

    Click the "Create Favicon" button, and follow the download and usage instructions. That's it, you're done!

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